1. Christmas Meal-In-A-Bag

    Volunteer to help distribute meals to families in need.

  2. Prison Ministry

    Become a member of the prison ministry outreach team.

  3. Cafe Forums                      Be apart of the conversations that helps to make a change in our community.

Our Mission


…Finding Strength in Community Partnerships"


CGM Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c) 3 corporation founded in 1996 and incorporated in 2003. We are committed to transforming and stabilizing the lives of men, women and families in various stages of societal transition. We are committed to training and developing a cohesive community of individuals, children and families that are wholly equipped and prepared to live their lives with dignity, respectability and accountability.


CGM, Inc. provides its community service through its outreach arm CGMOutreach. CGMOutreach programs and initiatives fall under two categories:

CGM Inc. Services

​​Covenant Group Ministries

​​…Finding Strength in Community Partnerships 

About the Leader

Dr. Toni F. Washington is active in Community Service and Prison Ministry. An ordained minister, she is President and Founder of Covenant Group Ministries, Inc., a 501(c)3 faith-based ministry that is dedicated to promoting goodwill, moral, and spiritual rectitude, and spreading the gospel message. Dr. Washington believes that
networking with other people, staying in touch with current events, being a rational thinker, and having a system for analyzing new information, all have contributed to her success. Dr. Washington has been active in Ministry since the 1980s as a member of Harvest House Christian Center in Akron Ohio under the pastorate of Dr. Jerome Parker. Known as Pastor Toni at the time, Dr. Washington began ministry as Harvest House Christian Center Akron’s Youth Pastor with the sponsorship of annual holiday dinners to various sectors of the local community, i.e. seniors; single parents & families; homeless and the children of prisoners. She also taught noonday prayer, and preached the Word at various services, operating in the prophetic gifts. She has traveled throughout the United States ministering with miracles, signs, and wonders demonstrated. Dr. Washington holds an AAS Degree in Business Management and a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Akron where she taught Criminal Justice before relocating to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dr. Washington also has a Master's of Science in Biblical Studies and an honorary Doctorate of Ministry, emphasis Pastoral Counseling. She is an Ordained Certified Christian Clinical Counselor. Dr. Washington has a diversified work history; formerly a Police Officer and a former owner/operator of a restaurant. Her teaching experience extends from teaching at the elementary school level through college level, as well as professionals in business and Christian Institutions.

Oasis I which includes

    The About Life Skills training: a personal and professional development tool which is designed to empower people to be more progressive in their thinking so as to enjoy a more
productive life style personally, in their workplace and community. 

       Harvest House Learning Academy (HHLA): The Home School Experience for Working Parents that offers variety of liberal arts programs and activities that will ensure that each child, upon graduation, will be fully equipped to achieve his/her future goals. We are able to administer an academic diagnostic test to determine the child’s grade level performance.

       Prison Ministry & Fellowship: The goal of our service is to assist and support inmates in transitioning back into community life and service upon release in a responsible, life-affirming way.

       The Annual Greater Tulsa Community Empowerment Awards & Dinner: Established
in 2012 is our once-a-year fundraising event. We have the honor of recognizing individuals and entities of the Greater Tulsa region that excel in their chosen fields making stellar contributions that influence and compel others to succeed.

Oasis II which includes

      TTT& D (Trinity Transitional Training & Development Community) is a multifaceted
umbrella project that addresses the challenges inherent in homelessness, substance and child abuse, violence and recidivism. Taking the form of a full–fledged multiple-services residential community, it houses all the attendant institutions that nurture, protect and promote all aspects and phases of life.